DATE: 17th APRIL 2021
TIME: 6:OOpm daily

Learn how to build and turn your whatsapp to a powerful webshop and sell like crazy

Are you a smart business owner looking for a cost-effective way to grow and scale your business online without spending much on hiring expensive web designers or software then this course is for you.

Are you a freelancer searching for additional skills or a small business owner looking at tapping into the goldmine of WhatsApp sales without putting a hole in your pocket? then thank your chi because you are in the right place and one step away from disrupting the status quo in online sales.


Do you know that you can turn your WhatsApp into an online e-commerce shop? if no well I just told you now. And you can display your products online:

  • Without any coding skill
  • Without hiring any web designer
  • Without buying any domain name
  • Without paying for any web hosting
  • Accept payment online without leaving WhatsApp
  • Link payment gateway to your WhatsApp shop without hiring any guru

The most amazing part is that you can do it all by yourself even if you have never seen a gadget before. The only skill needed is the ability to look and copy the exact steps shown in this course.

No more domain registration

You do not have to worry about renewing domains every year

No web hosting

save lots of money since you will not need a web hosting ..everything on cloud.

Web Designer needed

now is your turn to do shakara no more webdesigner service before you go live.

Free dashboard included

monitor and update your shop from one single dashboard.

Free payment gateway

accept payment online powered by paystack with seamless integration.

Distilled on whatsapp

you won't have to leave whatsapp again before you can engage with your shop.

No complex steps just watch and replicate what you see on your device

All you have to do is to sit, watch and repeat. lectures are presented in a simple concise and self-explanatory manner.

Configure your store as you like

Everything in your hands, configure and customize with preset options effortlessly.

Sell while you sleep as your store is available 24/7

your shop is always available with a dedicated  link that you can share across your preferred social channels.

What You Will Learn

Introduction and course overview
How to setup whatsapp store
How to setup product categories and catalogue
How to configure checkout and order form
How to connect a payment gateway to your shop
payment gateway powered by paystack
How to configure and automate 2step verification via whatsapp
Generate your store link and launch